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Raleigh Retina Test

retina photography - eye exam Raleigh, NCHere at Fusion Eye Care in North Raleigh, our highly qualified optometrist, Dr. Bassiri uses digital retinal imaging for every eye exam he does. A digital retinal imaging test uses a high-resolution imaging system to take pictures of the inside of the eye. These images help the doctor evaluate the condition of your retina and check for eye issues like glaucoma, macular degeneration, or damage caused by diabetes. It’s crucial to detect retinal disorders as soon as possible to treat and potentially prevent any serious progression of disease or vision loss.

Your eye’s retina functions by sending light rays and sensory information to your brain through your optic nerve. The signals are translated by the brain into vivid and colorful images, which we call “sight.”

Inside the retinal membrane, which covers the inside of the back portion of your eye, are rods and cones. These rods and cones are light-sensitive nerve cells that can discern color and light. Any kind of disease or damage in the retina can result in vision impairment or possibly even blindness.

How To Prepare For Your Appointment To Test Your Retinas

retina - eye care Raleigh, NCWhen you arrive, we’ll take your medical history and start a patient record for you. It’s important to bring along a list of any medications or supplements you are currently taking, as well as letting us know if you currently wear contact lenses. Since your eyes will be dilated during the test, a pair of sunglasses will also be useful to protect your eyes after the appointment.

Diagnostic Retinal Tests

During your appointment, our Raleigh eye doctor will examine your eyes and perform the tests listed below.

  • Indirect Ophthalmoscopy: Your doctor will wear a light attached to a headband while he holds a small lens that he will use to examine the internal structures of your eye and check the peripheral view of your retina.
  • Visual Field Test: You’ll be asked to focus on a point straight ahead of you, as the doctor displays flashes of light on a screen. You will be asked to press a button whenever you see a flash. The results will be recorded by computer and translate them into a virtual map of your visual field. This will show the doctor if you have any blind spots, an indicator of retinal disease.
  • Fundus Photography: The doctor will administer liquid drops in your eyes which will dilate your pupils so that they can’t constrict during this test. Then a camera mounted on a microscope will take pictures of the internal structures of your eye. As the images are captured, you’ll see a series of bright flashes of light. These pictures can document any abnormalities in your retina and can be used to monitor treatment. This test will last five to ten minutes.

After Your Exam At Fusion Eye Care

When the exam is completed, our Raleigh eye doctor will review the results with you, and let you know if you’ll need further testing, or if he can give you an immediate diagnosis. He can explain any treatment options, make recommendations for future care, and answer any questions you have.

Our main concern is your health, and we are dedicated to ensuring that through early detection and comprehensive vision care, you enjoy the best vision possible.

Call us today for your retina test at (919) 977-7480.