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Pediatric Eye Care

pediatric eye exams Raleigh, NCThe ability to see well is crucial for optimal growth and development for a child to meet the recommended milestones. Diagnosing eye diseases or other problems related to vision is therefore important at an early age so that preventative measures or treatment options can be provided. It takes a specialist pediatric optometrist or ophthalmologist to detect and treat vision disorders in children.

At Fusion Eye Care, our specially trained staff and doctors are trained and experienced to take the special needs of children into account, especially the fact that they may be anxious regarding an eye examination. Our Raleigh eye care clinic provides a child-friendly environment that is full of fun to make the experience more enjoyable for our young visitors.

Pediatric Eye Exams, Prescription Glasses and Contact Lenses

Dr. Bassiri, our pediatric eye care specialist at Raleigh Fusion Eye Care, can provide many different solutions to address a variety of vision related problems in children:

  • Pediatric Eye Exam
  • Fitting of Glasses and/or Contact Lenses
  • Refractive Assessments (Astigmatism, Near or Far Vision)
  • Treatment of Amblyopia or Lazy Eye
  • Treating Infections and Inflammation (Conjunctivitis, Cellulitis)
  • Corrective Treatment for Blocked Tear Ducts
  • Acute Treatment for Eye Injuries
  • Screening for health conditions that could affect vision such as childhood diabetes or juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Reading and Early Development Disorders

What Happens At A Pediatric Eye Exam?

children vision eye exam Raleigh, NCFusion Eye Care uses age-appropriate tools and techniques in order to examine, evaluate and assess vision in children of all ages. Our Raleigh optometrist will test for the following:

  • Eye Alignment
  • Muscle Functionality
  • External and Internal Eye Problems

In order to test and/or diagnose vision problems correctly, it may be necessary to dilate the pupils. Eye drops are used to this effect which could take up to 45 minutes to activate and may sting initially and result in blurry vision as well as sensitivity to light. Children can entertain themselves in the waiting room play area during this period to keep them distracted. These symptoms can last around 24 hours, and we will provide a pair of disposable sunglasses to alleviate any discomfort.

Make An Appointment With Our Raleigh Optometrist!

Even if you don’t feel that your child has vision related problems, it is important to have them tested. Our eye care specialist team will book an appointment at your convenience to ensure that any issues are detected and diagnosed early on. Before your visit, we recommend that you do some additional research into pediatric eye disorders and diseases.