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Contact Lenses

contact lenses Raleigh, NCFor anyone that is nearsighted, farsighted, or who has astigmatism, contact lenses are an excellent option. They offer a solution to anyone who wants to be freed from the restrictions that eyeglasses can sometimes cause. Contact lenses are an affordable alternative to LASIK eye surgery. They also provide an unobstructed view, unlike eyeglasses.

If you are interested in getting contact lenses, make an appointment first with our Raleigh optometrist, Dr. Kiarash Bassiri. During your visit, you will get a complete eye exam followed by recommendations from Dr. Bassiri. He can help you determine which contact lenses best fit your eyes, their unique structure, your tear production and your prescription so you can regain optimal visual health.

Types of Contact Lenses

  • Material: Hard, Soft, and GP lenses
  • Wear Duration: Daily or Extended
  • Disposability: Daily Disposable, 2-week Disposable, and 1-month Disposable
  • Design: Spherical, Toric, Multifocal
  • Other features: Dry-eye contacts, Colored lenses, or Special Effects

Are you looking for an alternative to LASIK eye surgery? Contact lenses may be right for you. If you need one of the best optometrists in Raleigh, contact our office. We will schedule an eye exam with Dr. Kiarash Bassiri right away. We are also here to answer any question that you might have as well as provide the best options for treatment to you.

Scleral Lenses

These lenses are hard lenses featuring a large diameter. They are made to go over the cornea and rest on the membrane that lines the front surface of the eye. This anterior surface of the eye is called the conjunctiva and the white part that underlies it is called the scleral. This is where scleral lenses get their name.

Scleral lenses provide comfort that traditional lenses do not. Some people have trouble getting comfortable with contact lenses and these, with their larger size, are often easier to tolerate. They offer plenty of advantages like comfort and better durability. They may be used for patients that have an ocular surface disease. Please be sure to contact us in order for us to help determine if you are a good candidate for these lenses.

They benefit patients who have damaged corneas, dry eye conditions, keratoconus, Sjögrens Syndrome, Stevens Johnson Syndrome, and those who have had problems following LASIK. Other patients with graft vs. host disease, neurotrophic keratopathy, and many other health or visual problems will do well with scleral lenses.

If you need contact lenses, call us today at (919) 977-7480.