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Choosing The Perfect Eyeglasses in Raleigh NC

eyeglasses Raleigh, NCHere at Fusion Eye Care, our highly-trained eye doctors are here to help you find the right eyeglasses for your lifestyle. Glasses to correct vision are not a new invention; however, modern glasses sport well-known brand names and can be constructed using cutting edge technology.

Frames are usually made using metal or plastic. If you suffer from skin allergies, there are now eyeglasses with hypoallergenic frames, or if you need durability, you can opt for polycarbonate, an extremely strong plastic. You can also find frames that are flexible, meaning they are more difficult to break.


With the advancements that have occurred in technology, doctors have been able to develop highly specialized lenses. Lenses made from polycarbonate can withstand more pressure while being thinner and more lightweight than traditional materials. Lenses can be made with polarization that reduces glare, resulting in less fatigue of the eyes. You can also find photochromatic lenses with a chemical coating so that they automatically change from light to dark as you move between indoors and outdoors.


When choosing your eyeglass, you need to consider more than just style and what looks good, but also the ways you need your Raleigh glasses to function as you go about your daily life. Remember, your frames should flatter the shape of your face as well as your skin tone if you want to look great too.

If you will be getting a pair of glasses to correct a deficiency in your vision and are looking to find an optometrist in Raleigh, give our office a call and schedule your visit with Dr. Kiarash Bassiri today. Our eye doctor can answer any questions you have about eyeglasses and contact lenses, as well as get you the best treatments available.

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