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MiSight® 1-Day Contact Lenses

MiSight 1 Day Contact Lenses for Children Oakville

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Eye health innovation - the first FDA-approved contact lenses for myopia control

81% of all eye care professionals state that myopia, nearsightedness, is one of the largest problems currently affecting children’s vision. MiSight may empower eye doctors with a solution to this problem. Recently, the FDA granted approval to Coopervision for MiSight 1-Day, the first contact lenses meant to slow myopia progression in children aged 8 to 12.

Not only does myopia progression cause the need to buy new, stronger eyeglasses for kids all the time, but it also puts kids at an increased risk for developing other eye problems in the future, such as retinal detachment and glaucoma. MiSight contacts can help curb this risk. At Fusion Eye Care, we’re excited about the launch of MiSight in the United

States in 2020, and we look forward to fitting kids with these contact lenses in Raleigh, North Carolina.

What is Myopia Control?

Myopia is extremely common in children, and the severity and prevalence of this vision condition is only growing stronger. While the blurry vision of nearsightedness can generally be corrected with prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses, these solutions do not prevent myopia from deteriorating. That’s where myopia control comes into the picture. This type of therapy works to slow or totally stop the cornea from changing shape, thereby blocking myopia progression.

MiSight® & Myopia Control

Studies have shown that myopia control can be accomplished in a few ways, including with the use of soft contact lenses for kids. As Coopervision stated in their press release, MiSight is the foundation of a comprehensive myopia management approach, with the potential to enhance the quality of life and ocular health for nearsighted kids everywhere. These contact lenses for kids are already being worn successfully by myopic children around the world, including in Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

When placed on the eye, one part of the MiSight contact lenses corrects distance vision in nearsighted eyes just like standard contact lenses do, and another part of the lens (concentric peripheral rings) focuses light in front of the retina. This design appears to diminish the triggers that lead to myopia progression.

MiSight® Research Results

Four different clinical sites conducted trials to study the safety and effectiveness of MiSight over a three-year span. 135 children between the ages of 8 – 12 participated in the clinical trial. The outcome showed that myopia progression in those kids who wore MiSight was considerably less than in those who wore conventional soft contact lenses. Over the course of the study, no serious adverse effects were noted in any of the children.

Are contact lenses for kids safe? The rate of dangerous corneal infections among kids who wear contact lenses daily was assessed, and it was found to be no different from the rate of corneal infections in adults who wear contact lenses daily. In sum, contact lenses are just as safe for kids as they are for adults!

Benefits of MiSight®

  • Easy for kids to wear and handle
  • 1-Day disposable contacts require virtually no maintenance
  • Appropriate for children from age 8
  • Corrects distance vision effectively
  • Helps to slow the progression of myopia, so vision prescriptions stop changing continuously

Does your child have myopia?

Contact us to learn more about myopia control and MiSight contact lenses in Raleigh, North Carolina

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Myopia, also called nearsightedness or shortsightedness, is the inability to see things clearly unless they’re situated close to your eyes.

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