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Dr. Bassiri is the very best eye doctor. He’s patient, concerned and up to date on new procedures and techniques. He gave me a nasal spray for dry eyes. Yes, it’s a nasal spray - called Tyrvaya, and it’s phenomenal. I’d give him a 10 if possible. 👍🏽
4 days ago
- Wanda C.
Fusion Eye Care makes you feel very special and well taken care, from the moment that you check in with the patient coordinator, to the medical assistant Trish taking you to the room to get prepared, all the way to Dr. Kiarash Bassiri listening to what your vision issue that is currently bothering you. If your definitely looking for amazing service for your vision, as well as awesome prices for your contacts and glasses, Fusion Eye Care is definitely the place to go to here in Raleigh.
1 week ago
- Styling A.
Amazing staff, we’re able to get me in within 24 hours and the doctor made my eyes feel better that same day!
2 weeks ago
- Alexa H.
Super great office, superbly knowledgeable and friendly staff, a real homerun!
2 weeks ago
- Chris B.
Vision Eye care is an excellent choice to have your eyes examined and cared for! I highly enjoy the people who work there. Very professional yet playful at the same time. I've had the first hand experience in knowing they devote themselves to giving their clients the best possible treatment they can. Highly recommend!
2 weeks ago
- Jacob W.
I have trusted Dr Bassiri with my eye health for 8 yrs. He is easy-going and always takes the time to address any vision concerns that I’ve had over the years. His staff at Fusion treat me well, and I can always count on Aria to help me choose the perfect frames and lenses. I highly recommend Dr Bassiri and the Fusion team!
2 weeks ago
- m j.
Update 4-28-22: I moved 2 hours away and I still drive to Raleigh for eye care with Dr. Bassiri. I initially began going because of dry eyes and the need for yearly exams. I was having bad grittiness, itching, and burning that sleep did not help. It was really interfering with life. I tried eye drops and they did not work. I was 55-56 yrs old at that time and had never worn contacts. I tried soft disposable lens but my eyes were still experiencing grittiness, itching, and burning. Dr. Bassiri recommended scleral lenses. These are larger than a contact lense and were custom fitted to my eyeballs. I researched them. They are different from a regular contact lense not only in size, but they allow for a small air pocket between the eyeball and lense. This allows the eye to get oxygen. I really researched this. It also allows for your own tear film to remain on your eyeballs. It was a bit of a learning curve to insert them but I got better at it (as all new things take practice). These lenses cost more than standard lenses but I had to have them. They also improved my vision by magnifying what I see. My distance vision is much clearer. I do wear readers for reading. Lastly, these have an aesthetic appeal: they make your irises (the colored part of the eye) look bigger and brighter. I'm sure Hollywood uses these for actors (think the Twilight series). I am so glad, so thankful for my scleral lenses. I wear them all day everyday. Dr. Bassiri always takes the time to listen to my needs. His staff is always courteous and helpful. I'm very grateful for care at Fusion:)
4 weeks ago
- Susan J.