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Strabismus Treatment

eye care center 300×200We are proud to have some of the top optometrists throughout the NC Triangle and to provide our patients with the care they deserve here at Fusion Eye Care. We use only the latest and most up-to-date equipment and techniques, and while we don’t perform corrective eye surgery, we do pride ourselves on providing our patients with the helpful eye care information they need. One such corrective eye condition our patients ask us about is strabismus, which is often called ‘cross-eyed’ and which affects about 4% of the population in the U.S.

What Causes The Condition Strabismus Commonly Known As ‘Cross-Eyed’?

The condition heterotopia, better known as strabismus, is when one or both eyes wander or are misaligned. It can also be when one eye deviates because of the extra-ocular functioning of the muscle. This condition is most often seen in children, but it does occur in adults who either develop it later in life or who had it from childhood. The direction which the eyes are misaligned is determined by any one of four types of strabismus:

  1. Hypotropia (down)
  2. Hypertropia (up)
  3. Esotropia (inward)
  4. Exotropia (outward)

The condition is sometimes caused by palsy cranial nerves or nerves that have weakened, and these conditions are responsible for the eye movement. Those who suffer this condition often have difficulty with their basic vision and can even experience double vision. For some, this can turn into an affliction called amblyopia also known as ‘lazy eye’, and if untreated can cause some to lose their sight permanently. If you notice that you or any member of your family exhibits any of these signs you should immediately contact our optometrist or pediatric eye doctor in Raleigh for an immediate appointment.

Getting Evaluated For Strabismus In Raleigh, NC

After getting a thorough eye evaluation at Fusion Eye Care, if surgery is needed, our optometrists will direct you to a ophthalmologist to treat your strabismus. Other options we can help you with include:

  1. Eye exercises
  2. Eyeglasses
  3. Prism lenses
  4. Contacts
  5. Eye patching

Please contact a member of our staff to schedule an appointment if you think that you or your child might need treatment for strabismus or be in need of eye muscle surgery. We will be able to do a thorough evaluation and give you our professional opinion. Call today to schedule an appointment with our Raleigh optometrist at Fusion Eye Care: (919) 977-7480