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Quick Guide On Choosing Colored Eye Contact Lenses

While the use of color contact lenses is a fun way of having a unique look that enhances the color of your eyes and your overall look, picking is the best color is a tough decision.

So, how do you find what suits your personality and preference? You can start by examining your closet to pick your favorite clothes and take note of their color. Consider which colors you wear the most and which fetch your compliments every time you rock them.

While at it, take the time to consider the color of your hair and your skin tone. If some color of some eyeglass frames does not work with your hair color, skin tone, and outfits, similarly will the color of the contacts you pick.

In short, by looking into these elements, you will find the answers to what color of eye contact lens to choose.

  •    People with golden-brown hair, or yellow-blond hair, or a warm skin tone (gold and yellow undertones) often look fabulous in contacts that are honey and light brown. Green and hazel are also a good pick.
  •    Individuals with hair that is blue-black or strawberry blond in color or a cool skin tone characterized by blue undertones can go for contact lenses that are plum, ice blue, or violet.

And while the two points mentioned above point to a harmony struck between the color of your overall physique and that of the eye contact lenses, it is essential that you settle for the contacts look the most natural on your eyes. Such lenses will blend in instead of having a striking appearance.

Keep in mind that color eye contact lenses are made by different manufacturers and come in different sizes and with colors done in different densities and patterns.

The contacts are designed to move a bit when your blink; this is to ensure they fit correctly and do not irritate the eyes. However, if they move about too much when you blink, they will not stay centered as they should, and this will not give you a natural look. The colored portion of the contact lens should superimpose perfectly over the iris.

The opaque color contacts have a clear zone in the middle of the lenses that allows light through to enter the eyes through the pupils. But many of the color-enhancing lenses are design for aesthetics, they deepen or enhances your eyes' natural color.

Therefore, the clear center of the lens should perfectly align with the pupil and the same size as your pupil. If that is not the cases, then the contacts will not give your eyes an enhanced but natural look.

Making Your Final Choice

An eye doctor should verify that the colored eye contact lenses are safe and a perfect and comfortable fit.  You should narrow down your choices to two or three colors and then fit a lens of a particular color in one eye and the other colored contact lens in the other eye.

Close one eye or cover it with a hand as you look at yourself in a hand-held mirror in different lighting. Ask if you can step into a different lighting setting to see how each eye looks so that you can make the best choice.