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10 Contact Lens Myths


  1. I am unable to wear contact lenses.

You can now!  Due to contact lens technology advances in recent years, now nearly everybody is able to wear contacts. For instance, there are numerous contact lenses available for individuals who have presbyopia; hybrid, rigid, and soft contact lenses for correcting astigmatism; as well as custom contact lens that are able to correct even very challenging prescriptions.

If you were told that you couldn't wear contacts in the past, it is time for you to ask about it again.  You might be a better candidate now for wearing contact lenses that you might think you are!

  1. A contact lens may get lost behind my eye.

No! The conjunctiva is a thin membrane covering the white portion of your eye. It then is connected to the inner part of your eyelids. That makes it nearly impossible to lose a contact lens behind your eye.

  1. It is uncomfortable to wear contact lenses

This is not true.  After a short adaptation period, a majority of individuals are not aware that they are wearing contact lenses.  For people who do experience discomfort from their lens, there are several different discomfort remedies that are available for the kitchen table and its causes are pointed. For those who do experiment with contracting their lens discomfort directly, and those who experience discomfort from contact lenses, after the cause has been pinpointed that are several discomfort remedies that are available.

  1. The contact lens may get stuck to my eyes permanently.

Although it is true that a soft contact lens may stick to your eye's surface if it becomes dried out, when you apply a sterile saline or type of multipurpose contact lens solution can get it moving once again.

  1. It is too much trouble taking care of contact lenses.  

False.  A one-bottle contract lens care system makes it easy to clean and disinfect your lenses. Or you can completely eliminate contact lens care by wearing disposable daily contact lenses.

  1. Eye problems are caused by wearing contact lenses.

Wearing contact lenses may increase your risk of specific eye problems.  However, if you follow the instructions from your eye doctor in terms of how your lenses should be cared for, how long they should be worn and how often the need to be replaced, it is very safe to wear contact lenses these days.

  1. I won't be able to remove them from my eyes.

Yes you will. At first, it may seem hard. However, your eye care professional will ensure that you learn how to properly apply and also remove contacts prior to leaving our office.  A majority of individuals become very proficient at handling their contact lenses a lot faster than they were expecting to.

  1. Contacts might pop out.

The old hard contact lenses years ago would pop out of the person's eyes at times during activities such as sports.  However, modern contacts - which include rigid gas permeable contacts - now fit close to your eye so it is quite rare that a contact lens would get dislodged unexpectedly from the wearer's eye.

  1. Contact lenses cost too much.

This isn't true. Sometimes contact lenses cost less than a nice pair of glasses.  Even disposable daily contact lenses, which were considered to be a luxury in the past, cost as low as one dollar per day now.

  1. I am too old to wear contact lenses.  

According to who?  Now that multifocal contact lenses have been introduced, and with all of the new contacts that have been designed for dry eyes, advanced age isn't a barrier any longer for being able to wear contact lenses successfully the way it used to be.  Talk to your eye doctor to find out if you are a good candidate for wearing contacts - you might be surprised at the answer.