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How To Find A Sports Vision Specialist

The easiest way to find a sports vision specialist is to ask your eye doctor for help. Although the majority of eye vision specialists are actually optometrists, some of them are ophthalmologists.

Many of the ophthalmologists that specialize in LASIK surgery for athletes also provide sport vision services.

The internet is a great place to start your search for sports vision doctors, as most of them would surely have a professional website advertising their services to potential clients.

All you need to do to find such specialists is to use your favorite search engine. For more focused results, you may also want to include your geographic location in your search string. If, for instance, you live in Durham, you should search for "sports vision doctors in Durham NC."

The American Optometric Association

If the above-described method didn't offer you the expected results, you might want to take a closer look at the website of the American Optometry Association. This website offers a feature that enables you to search for an optometrist in your area who is also a member of the Sports Vision Section of this association. As this is one of the biggest sports vision specialists organization in the US, you have great chances to find the doctor you need to take care of your vision.

According to the AOA, the members of the Sports Vision Section are on a mission to deliver high-quality optometric sports vision care by focusing on injury prevention methods, education, and improvement of the visual performance of athletes.

The College Of Optometrists In Vision Development

The College Of Optometrists In Vision Development is another great source of information you can use to find your therapist. This association focuses mainly on children, its members being devoted to correcting childhood vision problems.

Nonetheless, some of the COVD members have also adult patients. Use the "Locate a Doctor" feature on their website to find these specialists.

Local Coaching Staff

Chances are that local high school or college sports team coaches have good knowledge of sports vision specialists that have worked with their athletes.

If you can find such a coach, you may want to ask for details about the effectiveness and the duration of such treatments, as well as about the costs they involve.

What To Ask Before Choosing A Sports Vision Specialist

Any eye doctor in Raleigh NC can be a sports vision specialist, as there's no training required to qualify for using this title.

All these being said, you may want to do some in-depth research before enrolling in a sports vision program. Your goal should be to find out more details about the experience and the skills of the sports vision doctor or therapist, as well as about the tests they would conduct in order to assess your needs. You should also try to find out whether the specialist performs contact lens fitting for athletes, should you be interested in this type of services.