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How Not To Clean Your Glasses

Cleaning your glasses on a regular basis is essential for having clear vision. However, if you accidentally clean them the wrong way, you can do serious damage to them. Follow the advice below to ensure this doesn't happen to your glasses.

Eyeglass Cleaners and Cleaning Cloths

Eye Glasses Raleigh NCMost drug and discount stores have cleaning supplies for eyeglasses, including spray cleaners. These are great if you don't have easy access to dish soap and tap water. If you can't rinse the lenses first, you can also use the spray to flush visible debris from the lens surfaces.

Do your lenses have anti-reflective (AR) coating? If so, you must choose cleaning products that are safe for these special lens coatings.

If you are using the disposable cleansing wipes, you should remove any dust first. Look for debris and blow it off before using the wipes to cleanse the lenses.

Microfiber cloths are great for removing grime from your glasses. They absorb oil and water, leaving the lenses clean and dry. However, they can quickly become soiled because of the trapped debris and grime. Hand wash them on a regular basis, using the same dish soap mentioned above. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry before the next use.

How Can I Remove Scratches From My Glasses?

Unfortunately, that is not really possible. If your lenses are scratched, you can't un-scratch them. There are some products on the market that are designed to reduce the visibility of lens scratches. The mixed results associated with these waxy substances have left many folks frustrated. Created with various types of wax, the products wear off quickly, particularly in warmer climates and can even damage some special coatings.

Scratched lenses interfere with your ability to see clearly and fail to properly reflect light for the safety of your eyes. The weakened lenses are also less able to withstand impact, which means potential breakage is looming around the corner. For your health and good vision, invest in new lenses if you have noticeable scratches on one or both of your lenses.

When you are shopping around for new glasses, try to purchase lenses with a scratch-resistant coating. Some optical centers include scratches in the warranty. If you have experienced several issues with scratches in the past, get your glasses with an anti-scratch warranty, even if it means going elsewhere to have your prescription filled.

When Professional Cleaning Is Needed

While you can take care of the day to day cleaning and care needs for your glasses, there are times when you need a professional optometrist. If the lenses are fine, but you can't get the nose pads cleaned or the hinges seem to have minuscule amounts of grime in them, you can use an ultrasonic cleaner to remove the grime. Also, you can replace the nose pads at home.

Protective Storage

Proper eyeglass care is essential to prolonging the life of the lenses and frames. Failure to store them correctly can result in scratches and worse. You should have a clean eyeglass case to put them in next to your bed. If you don't have one available, open them slightly and place upside down on the table to prevent the glasses from flipping over. Always make sure the lenses are not touching the surface.

Your Glasses Aren't A One Time Investment

eye exam raleigh ncNo matter what, your glasses are susceptible to some natural wear and tear related to normal use and environmental exposure. Find out about warranties when you purchase your glasses, particularly if you are purchasing glasses for a child or that will be worn in dusty conditions.

These tips will help you to protect and care for your glasses, extending the time you can use a single pair. If you think you might need a new pair of glasses, we welcome you here at Fusion Eye Care in Raleigh, NC. Simply call (919) 977-7480 and schedule your appointment with one of our optometrists today.