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Daily Disposable Contact Lenses: A Healthy And Convenient Choice

scleral contact lenses 200×300Disposable daily contact lenses are removed and thrown out at the end of each day. These single-use lenses are completely disposable, and you'll use a new, fresh pair of lenses each morning. Daily contacts are rapidly gaining popularity with both practitioners and with consumers due to their health benefits as well as convenience.

Before you begin to go over the pros and cons of these lenses, you'll want to understand these two things:

Don't get confused with "daily wear" and "daily disposable". Daily wear lenses are the ones that must be taken out before going to sleep as they're not FDA approved for long-term (overnight extended) wear. These may require replacing daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly depending on the brand. Wearing schedule and replacement schedule are completely different things to consider.

When it comes to contacts, "Disposable" doesn't always mean that they are single-use. Some daily lenses are thrown out every 2-weeks, and these are also called disposable. Daily disposable are the ones that are thrown out daily.

Why Throw Them Out?

Most people don't realize that the more frequently they change their contact lenses, the healthier the eyes are going to be and the more comfortable.

Proteins, lipids, calcium, and other naturally found in your eye substances can build up on lenses. These deposits can make your contacts uncomfortable to wear over the course of time. Which is why new contacts are always more comfortable than older ones.

Lenses can be cleaned; however, cleaning isn't 100 percent effective at getting all of the deposits off of the contacts. There are still going to be some deposits that accumulate over the course of time.

Daily Contact Lenses: Health And Convenience

There are two ways to avoid most contact care.

One is to wear extended lenses for a few days straight and then throw them out when you're done. Unfortunately, when you wear them overnight, it's not always a good thing. Some people have issues with this. It can increase eye problems for some of the wearers.

Daily disposable lenses are the alternative. A lot of eye care professionals and lens wearers feel that these offer the best of both choices. They are convenient. They're easy to wear. They don't require cleaning, and they are healthier as there isn't any accumulation of deposits and you don't wear them overnight.

How Different Are Daily Lenses From Regular Lenses?

Even before the implementation of daily lenses, it was known that the more frequently lenses were replaced, the healthier the eyes and the better the vision. The issue was, the contacts were too expensive to throw them out daily. So, cleaning solutions were made, and there were devices used to help prolong the life of the lenses.

Then, the manufacturers developed newer methods to manufacture the lenses and produce higher quality lenses in great volumes at a far lower cost. These advances would lead to lower prices that would lead to more affordability for lens replacements.

Today, many of the lenses people wear are made of the same types of materials as the traditional lenses. Some disposables are made of newer materials, and the designs were developed especially for dispensability.

How Much Do Daily Disposables Cost?

Daily disposable lenses, on average, are more costly than those that are worn for longer periods of time. Costs can vary depending on the brand, prescription, and other variables. Daily disposables that are made of a silicone hydrogel material are frequently positioned as the ideal daily disposable and have the greatest benefit, and are more expensive.

If you're thinking about daily contact lenses, keep in mind that the higher costs will be offset by the savings on lens cleaning products. You won't require these anymore. Depending on your vision insurance, you may also have an allowance to use towards purchasing contacts as well. Most manufacturers of these contacts also offer big rebates on year supplies of daily disposable lenses, which make the price tag similar to extended wear contacts.

Also, you need to remember that fitting fees also vary from one eye doctor to the next. It will be dependent on where you live, the going rate and the type of eye care professional that you select.

In spite of the more expensive price tag, disposable lenses are frequently less expensive than people anticipate. It's not at all unusual to spend more money on their daily Starbucks visit than on their eye care. While you're enjoying that coffee for a half hour, you will have fresh lenses that will give you comfort and clarity all day long.

Can I Wear Daily Lenses?

Yes, most people can. Ask your eye care professional.

The key is that if they make the lenses in your prescription, you can likely wear them. Besides single vision designs, there are also designs for multifocal that correct presbyopia and toric lenses for astigmatism.

If your prescription isn't in the range for daily disposable lenses, you may have to stay with what you're already using. Some prescriptions require reusable lenses that are replaced annually. Just about everyone can wear contact lenses, however.

While a complete evaluation by your eye doctor at Fusion Eye Care is the only way to determine the answer, you'll be able to choose from many options. To schedule your appointment, please call us at (919) 977-7480.