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6 Main Causes of Dry Eyes

Irritated dry eyes can be a real source of concern with people as it can cause them to feel like they need to rub their eyes on a regular basis. The main culprit behind dry eyes is often that the moisture in one's eye is not at a reasonable level, which causes dryness or irritation. This can be painful and isn't something people can overlook or ignore throughout their busy day. For some, it eventually leads to redness, soreness, or a horrible combination of both that refuses to go away. Individuals who wear contacts tend to have this issue all the time, and the right approach is to speak to Dr. Bassiri at Fusion Eye Care and get your eyes examined as soon as possible.

Please remember, each and every patient is unique, and the factors causing their dry eyes often involve different variables including lifestyle, age, vision, and more. A thorough eye exam is the best way to determine what is going on with your eyes.

The eye exam is going to take into consideration not only the physical state of your eyes, but also the lifestyle you are living at the moment. This can often shed light on the real issues that are creating trouble in your life. Let's take a look at six noteworthy actions that may be causing your eyes to dry up.


It can be the humidity of summer or the bone-chilling dryness of cold months that place stress on your eyes causing them to dry up. The eyes don't lubricate during these harsher months leading to unfortunate symptoms. For example, those who tend to go out in the winter without glasses are putting themselves at real risk especially in adverse conditions such as seen in mountainous regions. The same applies to the summer where dehydration becomes a problem. It is essential to drink enough water to stay hydrated for this reason.

Heating or Cooling

Your eyes can take a beating when it comes to heating or cooling systems. Blowing air isn't good for the eyes because it's concentrated and moves rapidly. This can irritate the eyes and cause them to dry out inside the home or office. You want to think about buying a humidifier as soon as possible to eliminate this concern and make sure you can sleep well at night. This is how you are going to get rid of symptoms.


Allergies are known to cause stress as well because they will clog up the eyes. You need to understand what floating pollen can do as it gets caught in your eyes and that is often a point made by optometrists. You need to pay attention to the season and set up an air filter as soon as you can to avoid dealing with pollen all the time.

Skin Conditions

Do you have a skin condition that tends to relate back to your dry eyes? Some people tend to deal with blepharitis, which is known for causing issues near the eyelids. This is inflammation and will clog up the pores in the area. As soon as this happens, the eyes are impacted making it hard for the tear ducts to work efficiently. This is when most people notice their dry eyes flare up and refuse to go away. If those glands clog up, the dry eyes will often be right around the corner.

Environmental Issues

It is always nice to head outdoors for a bit of fresh air but is it always good for your eyes? No, it depends on the exposure because too much isn't good just like anything else in life. You have to be smart about how often you head out because dehydration is a real concern. It will lead you down a path that is harsh on the body and will not feel good at all. You need to understand the environment will continue to change, and that can be stressful in the eyes.

Minimized Tear Production

Are you not producing enough tears on a regular basis? Dry eyes can often come about because the tear production is not good enough. This can happen due to a number of reasons including lupus, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid, and more. This is why it is always best to have your blood tested and see a physician for further examination. Treating the condition can be an excellent way to get rid of the dry eyes too.

If your eyes are not producing enough tears, it is best to look into these details including the drugs you may be using for treatment. Things such as acne medications, hormone replacement therapy, antidepressants, and birth control may ruin your eyes too.